Wax emulsions

Are you looking to outsource your formulation, manufacturing and distribution of your surface treatment/cleaning products? Mitrechem's chemist's have decades of experience between them in the formulation and manufacture of these products. We can develop bespoke ready for market formulations to give the final properties that will delight you and your customers furthermore we can provide the ultimate turnkey package of formulating, manufacturing and distributing your finished product.

Here are just some of the successful coating additives and formulations we have developed for our happy customers:


A range of wax emulsions to give enhanced scratch\mar resistance, gloss enhancement, matting, water resitance and slip control. For use in all types of surface coating formulations.

Salt free, high efficiency hard surface cleaners. Neutral and Acidic types

Janitorial cleaning solutions including enzyme based soil removal (pet urine and other heavy soils)

Citrus degreaser and other hard surface cleaners

Non smear glass cleaner

Permanent oil and water repellent coatings for glass

Permanent and Sacrificial graffiti coatings

Leather treatments and dressings

Vinyl treatments

Various wood protection coatings

Wood polish, low VOC paste and emulsion creams

Permanent oil and water repellent coatings for textiles, such as clothing/carpet etc.

Permanent oil and water repellent coatings for Architectural coatings

Permanent oil and water repellent coatings for ceramic/concrete/ tiles


At Mitrechem we like to give our customers flexibility. For example if you require a product formulation and intend to manufacture the product yourself then we can put together a quotation for the cost of development and on final payment, the formulation and all test results are handed over and become your sole intellectual property. If on the other hand you wish us to manufacture and distribute the product, you have the choice of paying for the formulation upfront (as above) plus the ongoing manufacturing and distribution cost for each product unit OR we can waive the upfront charge on formulation (but we will retain the intellectual property) and charge a slightly higher cost per unit of product manufactured and distributed by us. We are of course happy to discuss other requirements you might have!


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