We are dedicated to optimising our products to suit your application, to give you the properties that you actually want without compromise. That is why we deliberately keep our portfolio of standard products to a minimum, why choose "off the peg" when you can have "tailor made" ?

We are very happy to to work with customers to develop wax emulsions / dispersions regardless of volume. We see this commitment as key to our business as many smaller volume users do not get this service from other suppliers. At Mitrechem, we believe that by working as partners we can help you to develop first-rate products, which can lead to increased growth to your business and of course ours. If you are currently using a wax emulsion / dispersion from another supplier we will be happy to provide an equivalent or enhanced alternative for your evaluation.

Our Technology

To disperse or emulsify a wax, or wax blend, in water giving the required application properties with at least six months stability requires an expert chemical knowledge of all the various surfactant types,saponifying agents and electrolytes available. Our chemists have this knowledge and have devised a large array of surfactant systems to give enhanced stability to the various waxes in water. They also have an excellent knowledge of the various properties that can be afforded by the many wax types and have optimised the way in which these components are combined during the manufacturing process to ensure minimal batch to batch variation.  Furthermore, our chemists have developed a proprietary surfactant system that gives a very stable, large particle size dispersion with sphere like particles.

Quality Assurance

Each production batch is tested for particle size, colour, solids content, pH, viscosity and surface tension, ensuring exceptional batch to batch reproducibility. Other QC tests may be applied after discussion and agreement with the customer.